Celebration Exhibit

Photographing Working Artists of Theatre



About the “Celebration!” Exhibit

A major solo photography exhibition by LaRae Lobdell.

A large-scale exhibit of 214 prints represented more than 150 individuals and over 20 theatres that drove the Seattle performance art scene during 2011 and 2012. Organized thematically, each of the images were sectioned into different galleries in public spaces over 4 floors of the historic ACT Theatre building in downtown Seattle. This entire exhibit was on display over the course of an entire theatre season, from June 20th through October 17th, 2013 bringing further connection and elevation to all individuals, community and industry for Seattle’s performing arts.


ACT – A Contemporary Theatre, 700 Union Street, Seattle, WA 98101
Gallery Exhibit Spaces: Entry Lobby, Falls Lobby, the PONCHO Lobby and Buster’s Special Events Room
Dates: June 20, 2013 – October 3, 2013


Opening Night: June 20, 2013
Closing Night: October 3, 2013
Encore: October 25, 2013


“IMAGINATION” – ARTS CRUSH featured event & Community Participation Night at ACT
LaRae invited all her friends, colleagues, art community, tourists and global followers to join her in exploring the 214 large exhibit prints displayed over four floors of the Kreielsheimer historical building where ACT Theatre resides.

The participants were encouraged to create on paper a story or drawing depicting their own imagined story behind the images. Participants also submitted short videos and still images through favorite social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during the event by using the hashtag #PhotoSister.


“IMAGINATION V2” – ARTS CRUSH featured event & Community Participation Nightat West of Lenin
A new photography exhibit inspired by the audience’s drawings and digital submissions from the October 3, 2013 closing of “Celebration” exhibit at ACT Theatre, Lobdell’s 2-year portrait exhibition of Seattle’s theatre artists.


ARTISTS FEATURED (alphabetical by first name)
Aaron Blakely, Adam Standley, Aimée Bruneau, AJ Epstein, Alex Matthews, Alexandra Tavares , Ali El-gasseir, Allen Fitzpatrick, Allison Narver, Amiya Pennebaker-Brown, Andrew Russell, Andrew Van Kempen, Angela Rose Sink, Anita Goodmann, Anne Allgood, Ashton Hyman, Ben Harris, Braden Abraham, Brandon J. Simmons, Brandon O’Neill, Brenda Arellano, Brian Culbertson, Burton Curtis, Burton Curtis ”Crystal Pain”, Caitlin Sullivan, Candace Vance, Carlo Scandiuzzi, Carol Roscoe, Carol Thompson, Carter Rodriguez, Charles Leggett, Chelsea Blum, Cheyenne Casebier, Chris Macdonald, CT Doescher, Dan Savage, Dana Perreault, Darragh Kennan, Deb Trout, Devin Bannon, Devin Petersen, Donna Stewart, Drew Highlands, Elise Hunt, Erik Andor, Erin Pike, Erin Stewart, Evan Tucker, Fawn Ledesma, Francesca Mondelli, Frank Corrado, Gavin Reub, Gina Malvestuto-Fitzgerald, Greta Wilson, Hana Lass, Hannah Victoria Franklin, Harmony Arnold, Heather Persinger, Hillary Gault, Holly Butterfield, Ian Bell, James Schreck, Javonna Arriaga, Jeff Steitzer, Jeffrey Fracé, Jennifer Zeyl, Joe Grifasi, John Abramson, John Bogar, John Langs, John Leith, John Murray, John Osebold, John Pyburn, Jonah Von Spreecken, Jonathan Crimeni, Jonathon Pyburn ”Helen Stellar”, Joshua Koopman, Julie Briskman, Julie Jamieson, K. Brian Neel, Karen Jo Fairbrook, Kate Huisentruit, Kate Sumpter, Katie Hagarty, Katie Stahnke Benezra, Katjana Vadeboncoeur Pierce, Keith White, Kelsey Von Stubbe, Keri Kellerman, Kevin Tighe, Khanh Doan, Kimberley Sustad, Kimmie Durham, Kristi R. Krein, Kristyne A. Hughes, Kurt Beattie, L.B. Morse, Laurel Ryan, Leah Pfenning, Lewis Black, Libby Barnard, Lisa Carswell, Liza Curtiss, LoraBeth Barr, Macall Gordon, Madison Greenlund, Marianne Owen, Mariel Neto, Mark Jenkins, Mark Siano, Markeith Wiley, Martyna Majok, Marya Sea Kaminski, Marza Warsinske, Matt Aguayo, Matt Drews, Matt Starritt, Michae Place “Sissy”, Michael Place, Mike Dooly, Molly Benson, Montana Tippett, Montana von Fliss, Morgan Rowe, Nathan Sorseth, Noah Benezra, Olivier Wevers, Opal Peachey, Pamela Reed, Paul Budraitis, Peter Crook, Peter Crook, Pilar O’Connell, Quinn Franzen, Rachel Liuzzi, Rafael Untalan, Randy Moore, Ray Tagavilla, Reanna Scott, Rebecca Olson, Rhonda J Soikowski, Rik Deskin, Rob Witmer, Ryan Fields, Samie Detzer, Sara Peterson, Sarah Lustbader, Sasha Summer Cousineau, Shana Bestock, Shannon Campbell, Shawn Law, Shellie Shulkin, Spike Friedman, Susanna Burney, Sydney Tucker, Tikka Sears, Tim Gouran, Tim Smith-Stewart, Timothy McCuen Piggee, Tina Vernon, Tommy Smith, Tracy Leigh, Trieu Tran, Troy Lund, Tsige Tafesse, Tyler Polumsky, Valerie Curtis-Newton, Vincent Delaney, Waxie Moon, Zack Hewell, Zoe Barker-Aderem.


A Custom Made Play Project, ACT Theatre, Annex Theatre, Boundless Arts Performance Collective, Cornish, Eclectic Theatre, Independent “Boylesque” Theatre, Independent: secret location performance in Capitol Hill, Interborough Repertory Theatre, Intiman Theatre Festival, IRT Theater, Macha Monkey Productions, Melrose Market Studios, On the Boards, Satori Theatre, Seattle Public Theatre, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Seattle Shakespeare Company, Seattle University Theatre, The Ballard Underground, The Triple Door, The White Rabbit, Theatre Off Jackson , Velocity Founders Theater, Washington Ensemble Theatre, West of Lenin.


Contact: LaRae Lobdell, 206-261-6300 (direct), larae {at} laraelobdell {dot} com
Original Photography: LaRae Lobdell
Website: PhotoSister.com


As there are hundreds of images from this project, I am hand selecting images for each press member as to not duplicate the features and reviews. Please contact me at larae {at} laraelobdell {dot} com and I will be happy to provide you the quantity and formats your publication desires. Thank you!


Adam Epstein, Aimee Bruneau, Alfred Kypta, Ali El-Gasseir, Amy Truong, Andrew Russell, Anthony Falsarella, Ashton Hyman, Austin James, Becky Lathrop, Ben Jadron, BlackRapid – Ron Henry, Bret Doss, Brian & Lynae Strom, Brian Culbertson, Carlo Scandiuzzi, Casey Peel, Cassandra Bell, Chris Yetter, Cliff & Leslie Massey, Cliff Massey, Craig Bradshaw, Craig Bradshaw, David Swidler, Devin Petersen, Donna Stewart, Erika Kuever, Ernie Sapiro, Hannah Victoria Franklin, Herb & Dorothy Porter, Ian Spires, James Moran III, Janet Romano, Jared Rogers, Jeanne Lee, Jenn Repp, Jennifer Zeyl, Jessica Cheney, John Coons, John Cornicello, John Osebald + Montana Von Fliss, Jonathan Cremini, Joseph Grifasi, Julia Bodin, Julie Danforth, Julie Jamieson, Karen Jo Fairbrook, Kate Hailey, Katjana Vadeboncoeur Pierce, Kelsey Von Stubbe, Kristyne Hughes, Larry & Veta Upton, Libby Barnard, Libby Snead, Macall Gordon, Maria Lamarca Anderson, Mark Siano, Meggan Joy Photo, Melissa Fry, Melissa Martin, Michael Davidson, Michael Place, Michelle Bellinger, Mike Thacker, Natalia Dotto, Nicole Boyer Cochran, Nichole Radman, Olivier Wevers, Opal Peachey, Owen and Amy Reese, Paul Budraitis, Paul Gibbons, Paul Mellors, Picture Source, Rebecca Olson, Richard Vallens, Rob Witmer, Shane Eubank, Shari Lobdell, Spike Friedman, Stephen Giang, Tim Eatherton, Todd Hobert, Tom & Barbara Pierce, Trieu Tran, Troy Lund, Truman Buffett, Tyler Kope, Valerie Curtis-Newton, Wynne Earle, Zoe Barker-Aderem and Jon Schiereck.


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